Thursday, June 13, 2013

چون ساغر بشکسته ام
در خون دل بنشسته‌ام
بگسسته‌ام از عالمی
با مهر تو پیوسته‌ام

Enemy in the Figure is a doom poetry band founded by Jassem Hindi and Hana Lee Erdman
 (voice, keyboards, rusted metal, lo-fi mics, broken objects, tapes)
with friends:
+ Eitan Efrat (drums), Miguel Gutierrez (voice), Basile Ferriot (drums)

Our main source of inspiration is Iranian and Arabic poetry sang or composed by women between the 40's and the 70's. Mainly for now Delkash and Asmahane.

We are very much influenced by doom music and experimental artists such as Monarch!, Delkash (iranian poet and singer from the 50's), Shellac, Kevin Drumm, Jason Lescaleet, Suma, Alice Notley...

Jassem Hindi & Hana Lee Erdman